Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Going Short This Season.

Christmas is fast fast approaching. The yuletide waves are telling fast. December is nigh. With the heat this season, the short dresses are coming in strong and almost every fashionable woman has a handful of these gowns in her wardrobe.

Be it ankara, woodin or other woolen fabric, the gown would always come out well. Some come in as ready-made clothes, while some fashionable women still get the indigenous fabrics. Though many fat women would complain that they dare not wear these dresses, many women of plus size do and they look great in those clothes. It all depends on the level of creativity. So, how best can a woman achieve an exquisite look with these dresses?

* Make sure you put on high heeled shoes or wedges if you are of average height. Those heels can add to your elegant looks. The tall women can go for their ususal flat sole.

* If yous is haute couture (ready-made), make sure the dividing line starts from the navel and the gathers flow down to the knees. By so doing, you get your desired look and fit.

All images courtesy of Google picture search.

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