Thursday, 8 September 2011


Quite simple way to appear at your best.
Never has the phrase “the clothes make the man” been more important than when dressing to impress. Unlike women, men never check out their own back view. If they did, they would realize those baggy jeans make them look as if they have short, stumpy legs and a sad, saggy backside. No woman is going t o find that attractive.
If you are the lanky type of brother, I tell you, you are lucky. Why? You’re a natural clothes horse, provided you avoid skin-tight garments like skinny jeans. The short/average dudes like me envy you, lol….
Gentlemen dressed well.

If you are aiming to impress, you need a well-cut pair of fitted jeans. If you have a nicely muscled backside, it will show it off. Even if your rear end is less than perfect, the right pair of nicely fitted jeans can do a lot to improve it.

Whatever fashion you choose, the most important thing is freshness. A daily shower goes without saying. Make sure your nails are nicely cut and clean. If you must hang on to that favorite T-shirt that’s past its best, wear it around the house and not when you go out for the evening, especially on a date! When collars and cuffs start fraying, it’s time to throw out those shirts and buy new ones. Dirty Reeboks or scuffed leather shoes will lose you marks, too.

The above tips go for underwear. If you’re lucky enough to get to the point of removing your clothing in a lady’s company, she will notice if you Y-fronts are stained, holey or saggy and she will care! A woman can be very forgiving of a man who has a poor fashion sense. But if his clothes say he doesn’t care about hygiene or is too miserly to replace old clothes, that’s a different matter altogether.

A bad boy look can still come with taste.
Don’t worry too much about whether you’re following the latest fashion trends. Just take a good look at yourself when you buy clothes- preferably from the back as well as the front! This is to make sure they don’t distort your body or make you look fatter/thinner/shorter than you really are. Then make sure you keep those clothes, and yourself, in good shape! Decide on whether your look needs sharpening up a little. One can never get away with wearing anything that’s thrown on in a rush. A single man has the habit of being his most misguided judge and lenient of self criticism.

As for shoes, a person may love those three straps, Velcro fastening sandals, but we must all be aware that there is a time and place for everything. With the sandals now firmly out of running, its worth mentioning that statistics suggest a woman’s eye goes straight for the foot. Women love shoes and can tell a lot about a person by what they are wearing. With this in mind it’s probably wise to take an extra minute when attempting to dress to impress in this area in order to carefully select the right shoes.

Sophisticated and smart is the best option in attire. Shoes are one thing, a watch is the next. These two products alone can stand the man apart from anyone else. They establish one’s identity, and are hallmarks of who a person is and what they are about. Omega, Frank Mueller, Rolex, Chris Aire, Cartier are all distinctions of class and they make a clear expression of a demand for quality. Don’t spend thousands but be sure to avoid classic mistakes and do not cheat by making a statement of how exquisite the fakes are in Thailand. Remember that it only takes one incident to ruin a reputation. Better to have nothing, than something that isn’t real. In addition, smell nice. You know what I mean!

Lastly, stick to what you are comfortable with and don’t look at the date as a great opportunity to try some new rough and ready wardrobe look. Believe me, people get the very wrong perception of what rough and ready is, nd as a result, it is a style left safely tucked away in someone else’s wardrobe attire. Above all, be courteous and be a gentleman always.


  1. Wow awesome shoes, they look a lot like the real ones but actually better :) Women Sandals


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