Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Having to wear a sheer dress will give you that sexy look if you don't reveal to much as you can reveal some skin without looking so cheap and wear that sheer dress with elegance. S sheer dress gives a lot of potential. It can be chic, romantic, or even demure but sometimes it can be difficult to wear. Deciding how you should wear it can be very critical. In other to avoid a fashion disaster here are some tips to wear sheer.

Decide on how much skin you can expose, if you intend to show some.

Wearing a sheer dress does not require you to be revealing too much like cleavages and underwear. You can even wear it with just your arms exposed. Considering the occasion, sheer dress can be worn on formally too. Just make sure you make it look formal. For instance, wear a solid and simple cocktail dress or wear layers of different sheer dresses until you get the solid look of the garments. The versatility of sheer fabrics should make a sheer dress a wardrobe staple.

The underwear you wear under this transparent fabric is important as it should match with the colour of your clothing.

Create a romantic look by wearing a sheer dress over one or more sheer layers. Choose layers in the same colour family for added richness. Choose a sheer dress that hangs loosely about your frame. Form fitting sheer dresses do not look right.

Pair a sheer dress with a lace top. The Combination of fabrics can provide enough coverage to appear sexy without revealing too much. A sheer dress can be layered over a matching camisole and slip or good tailor can make a liner for you to wear under the sheer fabric.

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