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It is mandatory to wear clothes; those who do not are either nudists or pervs (asylum bound individuals). Since prehistoric times, people have worn clothes, whether in the form of hides and skin, cotton or silk etc. Nonetheless, what we want to know is: Do you have taste? Do you just dress for the sake of covering your body? Or, do you dress so well that everyone wants to copy you? These are factual questions that in themselves are somewhat thought-provoking.


Sometimes, I sincerely believe our sense of style is always a true depiction of what our character actually is. You may not completely agree with me on this, but believe me, there is an iota of truth to this claim. This might even lead you to question me, just as I've often asked myself if in reality, it is that simple to define a person through what he or she wears. In fact, I did a mental roll call of my female friends and their various styles a while ago and was pleasantly surprised to note that the question you may have asked me can be justified. But then, it's my subjective opinion. Truth is, just because you are a simple dresser does not make you so by nature or to use a 'politically incorrect' word, boring.

One among my very good friends is actually a bit of a plain Jane fashion-wise and no mater how hard everyone tries to 'wake her up', at least, so to speak, she just refuse to budge! I can shop for her blindfolded because her clothes are that predictable. Obviously, she too thinks my style is old school because, somehow, we are on the opposite footing even though we have a lot in common character wise.

On a bold hand, I also have friends who are the exact opposite. They are reserved by nature but their clothes and style sense are total contrast because they stand out at all times. They have a very strong unique sense of style and look like they just stepped out of Cavalli or Mudi's shop on a very 'subtle' day. Their outfits just simply do all the talking they need. Drama is the name of the game for them and this extends to accessories too. So truth of the matter is, even though statistically, most women are usually and rightly perceived by what they wear, sometimes there is usually an element of surprise. The outlandish dresser might just be a soft little kitten inside while the subtle dresser might be a roaring lion but they are all cats at the end of the day. Lol!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Alexa Chung, Model and Tv Presenter Gets Her Own Fashion Reality TV Show

News source;Contact music.

Model-and-presenter Alexa Chung is to get her own fashion reality TV show, which will see designers compete against each other in runway challenges.

Alexa Chung is to get her own fashion reality TV show.

The TV presenter will front the project - provisionally entitled '24-hour Catwalk' - and it will be aired later this year on Lifetime, the network of Heidi Klum's 'Project Runway'.

According to the New York Post, the show will see designers compete against each other in runway challenges and will also feature creative talents such as Cynthia Rowley.

Despite experiencing huge success, the British beauty recently revealed her parents are not impressed by her career choice.

The 27-year-old star says mother Gillian and father Paul champion the skills of her siblings instead of her.

She explained: "When I first got scouted on a beach in Majorca, at the age of 14, I don't think my parents actually believed me.

"But that was the point with my parents; they were the least pushy, least impressed people in the world.

"My dad's still like that. Whenever I tell him about anything I've done, he always goes, 'Ah, yes, but look what Nathalie's done.'

"Nathalie is my dad's favourite. Dom is my mum's. Fact. I tease them about it all the time."

Fashion Night-Out Get A Music Video By Glee.

Confirmed reports making the rounds on youtube and on the blogoshpere is that, Glee recorded a music video to David Bowie's "Fashion" to promote Fashion Night Out, a Sept. 8 event sponsored by the fashion industry to encourage shopping. This, bviously is grreat news for the adherents of 'Glee'.

The video begins with villain cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) saying, "I just love fashion." Lynch also ends the clip by shouting into her megaphone, "Now get out and shop!"

The cast wears Prada, Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs and Dries Van Noten. Matthew Morrison does not appear. It will air during a rerun of the Lady Gaga rerun episode of the Fox show next Tuesday.

The music video was created by Trey Laird of NYC-based Laird & Partners, according to the New York Times, and commissioned by Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour.

“When Anna and I talked this year, we liked the idea of a performance” as the focus of the campaign, Laird tells the Times

“As fashion becomes more of a pop-culture influence [it made sense to use the Glee cast because the Fox hit is] such a pop-culture phenomenon,” he went on.

The video will be streamed on, and, on signs in Times Square and on Taxi TV screens.

Ryan Murphy, Lea Michele and several other cast members will be in New York City on Sept. 8 to promote the event, Laird tells the Times.

Article source; Hollywood reporter

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


The noise has gradually taken its bow. The paparazzi have had their field day. Everybody has seen (for those who care) and held comments about the wedding. What is left for me, and still, who ever cares is the fashionable glamour, the wedding had left for us.

Below are some pictures OF her. You are likely to get any tangible pictures out there of the wedding. The rights were obtained by a Fashion magazine. We hope to get them as time rides on. For now, just enjoy these.

Kim, a day before the wedding.

Kim, trying out various bridal gowns for her wedding.


More glamourous pictures...

All images courtesy of Google search.

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Free E-book On HTML and Web Designing For BEGINNERS.

Hello friends, I'm giving this ebook free for all newbies to HTML and Web designing. It promises to lead you by the hand, and school you through what you need to succeed in web designing.

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This is a guest blog post by Nike Adeshike.

So, after all, you need break a bank thinking of what accessories to wear. Why? Designers seemed to have come up with creating gorgeous embellished necklines. So spare yourselves the headache of choosing the best accessories for your outfit. Get ready to make a statement at any special occasion in stunning dress or tops with embellished neck lines and jazz up your look with a tint of glam.
Quite voluntarily, these necklines have successfully found their ways to tops and dresses. You need to note the following:

a) Don’t commit any fashion blunder by using any jewelry. The unique patterns embedded in the design of the clothes already offer the necessary vibe to your apparel. If you are still eager to add some jewelry, you can opt for bracelets as well as matching earrings and other hair accessories.

b) You can pair embellished tops with either a pair of straight jeans or stylish leggings if the tops are slightly below the waist, depending on your personal preference.

c) The best neckline should complement both your face as well as your body shape. Consider your facial features and match the V, sweetheart, canoe, slant as well as round necklines with these. This way you’ll be able to sport the clothes that perfectly flatter your appearance.


This article is on cue on This is its prototype as written by me.

Pearls are evergreen, versatile and flexible. They can transform your style from dour to glam. How?

• Turn your longer pearl necklace into a choker by wrapping it around your neck several times. You can also knot the end of a longer necklace into a little ball that dangles at your cleavage or below (but not at or above the collarbone).

• No pastel coloured outfit: Opt for festive colours or darker ones instead but not any colour that comes across as too delicate. Bright colours – like cardinal red, sunshine yellow and violet – however make pearls pop. Most pearls do not suit fluorescent or neon colours.

• Mix and match: Mix it up, experiment. Play with different colours, proportions, styles, influences, weights, price ranges and lengths. Pair your pearls with a bunch of signature chains in a range of lights, widths and materials. Just make sure that the combination is not too heavy. When going for such an unusual mix, it’s usually better to wear a simpler top, like a solid-colour t-shirt or a non-fussy sweater, that doesn’t compete with your necklaces for attention.

• Flaunt them during the day; Pearls aren’t just for galas and other black tie events. Wear pearls with jeans, if you dare. The look is great for picnics, casual parties and equally light-hearted affairs.


I submitted this write-up to an online article directory, but the moderators felt it is too short to make for publishing. HENCE, they asked me to add to it, or forfeit seeing it published. Within me, i felt there's simply nothing to add to it; any other addition would be tautologous. Lol. Anyway, i believe it will be useful to you my esteemed readers.

Shoes are the foundation of a man’s outfit. Just like a rock, his clothes are built upon it. A stylish man realizes the importance of having appropriate shoes that work for different outfits.
Shoes styles are multi-purpose and quality dress shoes are usually quite pricey. Buying stylish and appropriate shoes? Then know the five types of shoe styles you should own:

1. Oxfords: these are leather shoes whit relatively low in-step, closed lacing and a non-rubber sole. They are usually white plain with few, if any embellishments and they traditionally come in black, cordovan, brown, burgundy, ox-blood, chestnut, and occasionally, white. Oxfords are good all-around dress shoes that are appropriate for numerous occasions.

2. Loafers: Traditionally made from leather, they are either dressy or worn as a dressy sport shoe. The distinguishing feature of all loafers however, is lack of laces or buckles and a wide and fairly flat heel. They are suitable for semi formal occasions.

3. Cap toes: They are the decorated version of oxfords as they are embellished in a number of ways. They have an additional layer or band of leather over the toes. The extra portion might be a clean and simple line, in which case you will be able to wear them more frequently. The more stylish pair of cap toes is usually for social occasions and can be paired only with clothes of equal quality.
4. Dress boots: Thee kinds are slim, ankle-length boots with a slight heel that fit the foot and leg. Boots look fantastic with dressy and casual clothes – great fitting pair of dark-coloured designer jeans, a pair of dress trousers or casual suit.

5. Monk strap This style of shoe is similar to loafers in that they don’t have laces. While loafers are typically plain or tasseled, monk strap shoes have a metallic buckle and a leather strap on the upper portion of the shoe – a feature that also distinguishes them from cap toes, where the leather strap is located above the toe portion of the shoe. While very refined, the buckle and wider heel give them a slightly more casual look, so these would be a good choice for wearing with dressy jeans, casual dress pants or formal clothes.

Above all, note that, shoes should reasonably last at least 10, 20, 40 years depending on how well you care for them.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Trendy bags For all Seasons.

THIS is a guest blog post by Anna Okon.

Its amazing how fashionable the world has been with women donning eye-catching bags that revreal nothing less classy and trendy. Each of these bags are made to taste and come in different shapes, form and matter. For the purpose of this brief discourse, a mini three (3) trends will be briefly pointed out.

The Croco-embossed frame tote bag.
With this tall faux leather style bag, you sure get a luxe look for less. It is the perfect sixe for carrying work files, newspapers and magazines. Interior pockets keep your keys and cell phone handy.

Zip away tote.
This cotton canvas pick with faux leather trim offers a stylish take on a utilitarian bag. Plus, it conveniently folds flat for storage. Its also available in khaki form.

Trendy gold-toned hardware gives this faux leather style some instant cool points. The front latch opens to reveal three roomy organizing compartments too.

There are several other classic bags out there to choose from. These three just make my fancy each time I see them, and as a fashionista, it happens to be my beat.

Thanks for the time taken to read this piece through. Ciao!

How Do You Apply Your Cologne?

This may obviously not go down well with some men. TAKE YOUR BATH EACH MORNING and at night with either a scented soap or body wash. Not done yet. Now apply a deodorant, antiperspirant or roll-on immediately after the bath. Funny huh?

The Cologne is another important, in fact, very essential accessory to any man's skin care regime and by extension, his wardrobe. Although not too many know the benefits of going the extra mile in smelling nice. It gives you an air of freshness anytime.

Why should you wear a cologne? Not only do you smell a little fresher when needed, you actually appear clean and classified as trendy. But smelling nice doesn't mean you have to go overboard and douse yourself with a strong smelling cologne especially after t=using strong smelling toiletries. Applying the right amount of cologne could be tricky if you really like the scent.

Now, you might ask, how do you apply the cologne? The best way, like I always advice is to spray it on bare skin in order for the true notes to combine with your natural scent, actually making the smell all your won. Your scent should only be smelt by people who are within an arm's length away from you - you don't have to overwhelm people with the smell of your cologne.

Adding to that, don't ever go cheap when buying cologne. not only will it react badly with your skin, it can never smell as good as the original.

Also, never ever try to disguise body odour with cologne - it is the worst thing you could ever do to yourself. Have a shower instead and then apply your cologne afterward.

You must note this, if you wear a particular cologne for a long period of time, people who are frequently around you will find themselves thinking about you when someone else wears the same cologne. That's the beauty and perfection to knowing the art of applying cologne within the best measure.

I hope you found this piece very useful. Don't thank me, thank my style counselor; Miss Nkarenyi Ukonu. She's such a delightful person to have shared this basics with me.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Truth is, apart from clothes and accessories, eyelashes are also beauty boosters. Do you know that eyelashes make you more attractive? That they enhance your facial features?

For women whose eyelashes are not long enough to form a center of focus, false eyelashes are not long enough to form centre of focus, false eyelashes come in handy. These are artificial extensions for the eyelashes that are meant to create the illusion of length.
Mascara and eye-liner also increase volume and lengthen the eyelashes to a certain degree but the extensions go a long way in lending natural weight and length to them.

Eyelash extensions made up of synthetic single fiber polyester thread-like materials. They are attached unto the eyelash bit by bit with adhesive which helps it to bond firmly to the natural eyelash, giving it a natural look.
Placed lash unto lash so that the first lash does not touch the next lash, they are light and comfortable to wear. However this procedure should be performed by a well trained technician to ascertain great results.

Eyelash extensions are produced in many colours, varying lengths and thickness. The advantage of the extensions is that they can be worn extensively well while bathing or taking a swim. Touch ups can be appalled every two to four weeks. The duration time of wearing off from the natural eyelash reneges from two months to three months.

The general procedure takes up to two hours which should be done with great precision, caution and great detail. A full set of eyelash extension for both eyes need an average of 30 to 80 which bonds to the lashes.
Naturally, depending on the cycle of new hair growth, the eyelash extension can fall out along with the natural eyelash to create room for new growing eyelash. The eyelash extensions are sometimes fixed as semi-permanent make up.

Hope you found this piece quite helpful? Thanks for reading. Your comments are appreciated.


Ankaras are durable, tailor-friendly and these fabrics are largely used for any design, prom dresses, Victorian gowns or the ever present fish tail hem on a bustier are sought after by a large percentage of modern women.

The Ankara is also very classy and colourful and the multiple motifs would shed beauty on any accessory you choose to wear with them. It is however advisable to go light on accessories when you wear Ankara prints as evening wear since the fabric has enough.


Confirmed news now is that, nine models are to compete for the finals in the MTN Young model of the year awards from the Lagos region. The finalists were preferred from over 2000 models who gathered at the Ikoyi venue of the Lagos regional auditions. They are among 12 finalists from regional auditions held in Port-Harcourt, Lagos and Abuja.

Chosen by a profiled panel of judges that included Elohor Aisen (Beth models), Folake Coker (Tiffany Amber), Uche Eze (Bella naija), Omoyeni Akerele (Style House Files), Dola Bamgboye (regional marketing manager, MTN), the models will showcase designer wears during the MTN fashion and design week 2011.
The overall winner of the MTN model of the year awards will be announced at the grand finale of the fahion week.

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E-book on How to Monetize Your Blog.

Making money online is the wish of every blogger, myself inclusive. If you do something and get paid for doing it; there's a kind of fulfilment that comes with it. To acheiving this success, many bloggers have struggled real hard, all to no avail. Anyway, i'm offering up an ebook that promises to guide you on how you can start to make money with your blog.

I do hope you find it useful. Cheers!

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Monday, 15 August 2011

7 Fashion Rules for Tights and Leggings.

1. They are very tight; therefore, if you’re a little heavier, they will not look good on you. They will only accentuate your weight.

2. Leggings and tights look good when paired with lots of accessories. Never wear without any.

3. Make sure the tights or leggings fir properly. Wear thicker leggings to cover up any dimples you may have.

4. Choosing the proper shoes to wear with your tights or leggings is a must. What do you like best? The flat? The boot? Or the heel? Note that stilettos tend to look very retro and not suitable except you can stylishly pull it off with ease.

5. Standard t-shirts and tank tops simply won’t work unless you are a model or aerobics instructor. Be sure your top hem touches your upper thigh. You can only get away with tops that reach your upper or lower waist if you are wearing latex leggings which are so hot right now.

6. When it comes to sun dresses and other breezy numbers, take caution: most flirty frocks are just too light for tights. A good rule of thumb is that if the dress demands heels, stick to bare legs.

7. Leggings and skirts are truly a dynamic duo. If you have qualms about showing off your legs, add a pair of leggings in to the mix. But choose a colour that coordinates with your top, and keep in mind that dark colours are always more flattering.

Tips on Getting the Best Fit for Your Dress.

1. Get the right colour
2. Get the right fabric
3. Get the right length

If the length and proportion of your outfit is incorrect for your height and shape you will not look your best. If you buy a garment that is the incorrect length for you, have it altered to fit before you wear it.

Know the difference between too small and snug. A fit is meant to skin your body.
Not every fabric is good for you. When a full-figured woman wants to sew a skirt/blouse with a very stiff lace fabric, the she should know that the clothes would never fit. Rather she should go for soft, velvety fabrics that would flow freely on her body. She needs space to move freely in any fabric because comfort is key in fashion.

A Fabric Dictates The Designs It Gets.

Watching her with fabrics, then instructing tailors on what to do and attending to customers sum up her personality – Temilola Akintayo lovers her fashion and design work.

She also runs a fashion school and is ever willing to teach students. “I spent less than a year in learning how to sew,” she says as she works on a fabric.
The Fashion House, De-Image Creation, has existed for almost a decade. “I started by sewing suits but gradually, women started buying suits instead. Then I went for indigenous haute couture and my customers embraced that.”

Temilola, who has sewn for many pageant contestants and also featured in the last Nigeria Fashion Week, is no a ‘magazine tailor.’ Wondering what makes a good designer? She was ready to answer that; “Finishing. A good tailor/designer must have neat seams, neat hemming and stitches. No matter how good the design is, if your job is rough and unkempt, you are scored low. The ironing has to be good too. A badly ironed dress is equal to bad design.”

“Moreover, no good designer/tailor would lack the know-how on colour match and think that he/she is good. Know your colour match, know your fabric-match and don’t ever assume certain colours would go well on certain fabrics.”
Of course, she would tell you that a fashion designer is very different from a tailor. “A designer knows how to cut and also play on fabric patterns, even if she cannot sew,” she explained. Fortunately, I can sew and I do all my cuttings.

“Oftentimes, my inspiration comes from when I am cutting because fabrics talk and I understand their language.”

What are the fabrics she loves to work with? “All sorts- Ankara, lace, Georges and French fabrics. What I have observed in fashion is that the fabric dictates the designs it gets. Though ankaras are very handy and any creative tailor can play around with the designs, lace are good for deigns too.”

Why Do Tailors Disappoint Especially when Their Services Are Needed Most? Tips to Avoiding That.

Tailors who disappoint are those who bite more than the can chew. Sticking to your promise of delivering goods on a certain date is very important. But some tailors collect many fabrics and their hands are so full that they can’t meet the deadline.

To guard against tailor’s disappointment, drop your fabrics on time and make sure you call on him/her to know how urgent you need the clothes.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Remi Lagos Believes Nigeria has a Lot to Learn From Senegal.

This excerpt is culled from, a Nigerian online daily news website. I find it mind-blogging and have decided to share it with you. Hope you enjoy reading.

The label remiLagos, owned by fashion and textile designer, Oluremi Oshokale has rightly become an outstanding international fashion institution, 25 bright designer. It was always a delight for passers-by to view her window displays at her first outlet along Bode Thomas Street in Surulere. Her clothes had the hallmarks of style, taste and a subtlety that portrayed a classic cut and fluid fit! Trained at the East Croydon School of Art & Design, Chelsea School of Art & Design and Inchbald School of Art & Interior Design, Ms Oshokale has also succeeded in frequently showcasing the expanding creative phases of remiLagos on prestigious fashion runways in Europe, the United States of America and Africa.

Now that women, especially young women, seem to prefer wearing jeans, I ask Ms Oshokale how designers like her intend to bring back the dress. “The dress never went anywhere,” she candidly responds. “The dress only changed form in the context of time, place and style. Dress changes its form from one season to another, from one austerity to prosperity period in that the dress either rises or falls. “Ironically,” she continues, “it rises most times when there’s prosperity and falls most times when there is a glut in textile mills.

So there is a conspiracy! Have you noticed that the midi is back? It is a global conspiracy to sell our same old dress again and again. So, when there’s prosperity in our environment you are bound to have a more defined dress. That’s what we should be looking forward to. When you have prosperity, you bring back the dress in its totality.”

Has the Nigerian woman been acculturated to dress well and differentiate between office wear, party wear and casuals? “Playing the devil’s advocate, I ask, who truly defines right or wrong dressing? It is a matter of opinion, one’s background, one’s focus and one’s understanding of the impact they make as you emerge from your car, office or home,” she said. “A friend and I went to a breakfast function at 9am at the Muson. We decided to dress in what we thought was appropriate. Some came in evening attire. But when the photographs of the event emerged, we looked drab and they looked amazing. A lot of times, dress sense is about achievement!” Who then sets the trends; designers, fabrics sellers or fashion writers? “ We all do, some more than others. The emergence is a very mysterious spiritual and economic phenomenon. All begins in the mind as intention, desire and, eventually explodes into the mass consciousness as a trend to be observed by so many other people in the music, film and design industries.”

How has she been able to deal with the challenge of traditional attires, which don’t seem to change that much? “I thrive on the concept of traditional mixed with modern and, outrageous mixed with trends. That’ s my passion!,” she says.

Nonetheless, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the remiLagos label over the years. She has weathered the journey by being retrospective, relying on her skills and learning the lessons of experience. “When I first started this business,” she recalls, “I used to go to a lot of shows and they wouldn’t let me show my designs because my dresses weren’t African. They were asking me, who are you? I’ve strived for the past 25 express who I really am, my values and to proudly embrace my heritage! In this respect, the result has been a clothes line reflective of her heritage. Some of the ‘boubous’ and ‘kaftans’ are beautifully embroidered and embellished. The most recent are a series with different shapes and styles of African masks prominently emboldened on them. “These designs,” she explains, “are a fusion that comes from really understanding my origins and culture. Also, I think they reflect my designers’ skills honed over a period of time, mixed with travel, life experiences and lifestyle. This is lifestyle because you really have to understand the values of people who wear your designs.” Designing for all seasons Incredibly, the ‘boubous’ with African masks has not been well-received in certain quarters. “They have been the most difficult clothes to sell ever,” she said, “based on the comments from Pentecostal Christian clients.”

Her shop assistant corroborate by adding that, “they say that a Christian should not wear a dress like that!” Ms Osholake is philosophical about the seeming righteousness of these clients. “Deep down in the recess of our minds, we are fundamentally a superstitious people. It always manifests in our comments, behaviour and attitude to creativity,” she explains. In the West where she trained, designers work on clothing for different seasons and have their summer and winter collections.

Does the absence of four distinct seasons in Nigeria mean she has to be a designer for just one season? “Not true,” she retorts. “Seasons are time-bound. One of the reasons I left England as soon as I finished Art School was because I couldn’t deal with the idea of seasons in what seemed like short periods of time. I now find in Nigeria that life is full of seasons. Different types of events define different types of seasons.

In designing for a lot of my clients, one of the periods in time I’ve come to align with is the period after they have been abroad on holiday; what Nigerians call after-summer. After summer, you pay school fees, so collections at that point are different from what we call Christmas; when Nigerians come from abroad to see family and friends. This is the time for traditional marriage and wedding and of course to celebrate the New Year. Rainy season to me, is like winter for my industry; a time when social events are limited to indoors. So, one’s dress sense is different from when you are out in the sun. All these are observed consciously or unconsciously as designers or creative people.”

Is there a tie-in of luxury, size of dress and beautiful lines in her famed signature ‘boubous’ and ‘kaftans’? “My experience of luxury,” she recalls, “came from when I lived in Abidjan when it was referred to as Petite Paris. I lived on the 17 of Boigney when Africans knew what lifestyle was all about and when Africans converged in Abidjan to display elegance, luxury; not necessarily wealth, but a lifestyle. Then there is Senegal, which I have been visiting for the past five years and where, every March, President Wade hosts designers from all over Africa; all expenses paid. Designers are chosen par excellence and I have represented Nigeria for the last four years.” Ms Oshokale believes Nigeria has a lot to learn from Senegal. “All Senegal has to export is fashion!” she said. “Every other human being in Senegal is a tailor, sewing what we have now come to know as a brand; the Senegalese ‘boubou’, ‘kaftan’! It’s an important lesson to us as a nation, because Nigeria has similar export products as in fashion, film and music. President Wade has come to recognise the power of his people as fashionistas. The income they generate worldwide from sewing is incredible. They took their industry to New York and are running a parallel niche industry for all things African and African- American; especially the ‘kaftan’ and boubou.’” Power of exclusivity She is also a textile designer who adopts interesting styles of dyeing. Her designs are made from fabrics like chiffon, silk, satin and damask. But how is she and others coping with body types and shapes? “Sizing is done by professional companies called pattern makers; where body-types are averaged-out into small, medium, large – size 10 etc,” she said. “A lot of research is done for commercial purposes. Africans have not come to realise the power of research in the fashion industry. The industry abroad depends solely on this information and it is what gives birth to styling, designing and even some trends you see emerging globally. From my experience of buying shoes in Balogun where they say try it; so if it fits you it is your size; I apply the same rules at remiLagos. If it fits you, then that’s your size and that’s the Gospel truth on how I conduct business with sizing.” On the contribution of African designers to the global fashion arena, she said the primary offer is a sense of refreshment. “We have the confidence and freedom to do what we like because we don’t have the hammer coming down on us from the media globally; where the media praises you one season and knocks your collection next season,” she said. “I’ve been to exhibitions abroad and seen influences that were original to African designers, but nobody gives African designers the credit for our originality. It is inevitable because we don’t have the media platform that values us the same way they value foreign designers. Our media prefer to place foreign designers in their magazines. I am one of the very few designers that constantly advertise my collections as a brand!” Ms Oshokale said she relishes the exclusivity of her label and that it’s really to do with the niche market she has created for herself in 25 years. “I don’t think there is anything that is exclusive anymore, be it fabric, design, shoe. Everything comes from the same source, the mind and, the mind is one. It is only the interpretation of these concepts that brings you this exclusivity which becomes your own signature,” she said.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Deola Sagoe's Daughters follow Her Steps.

Deola Sagoes' daughters Teni and Aba would be releasing a clothing line soon. Teni described with 'creative streak for fashion is way beyond her years, her ability to execute a vision perfectly is truly a gift. '

The House of Sagoe has been buzzing with preparation of release of new urban youth label; CLAN. The fashion line is designed by the young daughters of Deola Sagoe, Teni and Aba Sagoe and it focuses on modern, fresh, and young apparel for teenagers and younger fashion enthusiasts.

The line is set to launch on the 13th of August 2011.

News and picture courtesy of Questionmark Mag.

How to Get Bank Loans For SME's.

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It's Hard to Wait for the Next Episode of Glee

It's been a long time since I got into a
television show that I couldn't wait to
watch every week. However, I'm
completely hooked on Glee. There's no
doubt about it. It's one of the most
original sitcoms on television and it's
well worth watching. Though some of
the plot lines are incredibly cheesy, the
actors and actresses are all extremely
talented and have great vocal range. I
also respect the tough themes the
writers handle on the show.

I watch Glee every week on satellite
television, that I got after seeing these
directv new customer deals, and I
always find myself waiting eagerly for
the next week's episode as soon as the
credits roll. Most recently, I've been
really engaged in the story line between
Kurt and Blaine. I keep waiting to see
what will happen between them, but
they complement each other very well.
However, I've been disappointed by the
plot going on between Finn and Rachel.
While it would be good for Rachel to get
some distance from their relationship,
Finn doesn't seem to be telling her how
he really feels.

With so many different dramas going
on at once, it's hard to wait to see what
will happen next! Of course, the musical
numbers just make it that much better.
I've really enjoyed watching the New
Directions group expand their
repertoire this year, as they fight their
way to winning Regionals.

Seamstress' Life

Thanks for the post from Sylvester

I’m a professional seamstress and it’s
always been my dream to own my own
shop. I finally realized it last year when I
opened my place downtown and so far
business has been really good. I get a
lot of walk ins since we’re right on the
strip and often it’s men who need suits
or pants altered in some way. My
husband comes in and out a few days a
week to help and that’s really all that
keeps me going! He’s much better with
the business side of thing than I am and
helps with everything from researching
credit card providers at bank-card-
to looking into a better
accountant to get our books done. I
wish I knew more about logistical stuff
like he does but as long as he’s around I
guess I don’t really need to when it
comes down to it! I’m not a
businesswoman, I’m a seamstress and
that’s the way I hope to keep it for a
long time – as long as I can handle it!

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Corporate Office shirts at its Best.

The corporate world has always had its own style and dress sense. This atom of dress synopsis has endeared several designs over the course of time. We can only appreciate them when we find them.

Below are some packed corporate shirts, made by Leo and Levi; two young Nigerian fashion upcomers. I bet you'd like them.

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