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Slingback is a type of lady's shoes that is backless and has a strap that runs across the heel or ankle. Coming in beautiful colours and designs such as open or close-toes, flat, low or high heels, this cozy footwear complement any dress- corporate or casual.

For comfort and easy use, wearers painlessly slip their feet into them without any major adjustments on the buckle and at the same time securing the feet. This is because of the elastic band that runs across the heel. This fashionable accessory can be worn to any occasion. Hence, remember to add it to your wardrobe, to give you that funky look.

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Bag is almost a must carry accessory for stylish ladies. Apart from complementing their wears, this fashion accessory enables ladies to carry different personal items, including money.

Though, there are different types of bags in the market, the tote bag remains the favourite for most damsels. With its large room, which allows for small packages such as books, purses, keys, make-up kit, clothes and others, ladies have it easy to take along for the office or shopping.

Available in leather and other materials, tote bag is convenient for people who are always on the move, as it enables them to carry all they need to go on. These bags come in various styles and designs for you to choose.

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50 Cent Engaged?

Hello dear readers, I know its been a while you read from me. Been so busy of late. Now, I know this might well be off topic, but as ardent fan of the rapper cum entrepreneur, I'm so glad to bring this to you. I guess the pictures confirm it. Happy for my man. Big ups bro.

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Interview With Susan Holmes: The Inspiring Life Of A Fashion Designer, Model And TV Personality.

Susan Holmes truly has it all. She's got her own swimwear line, has accomplished an extensive career as an international supermodel, has been featured on E!'s Married to Rock television series and is currently working on two books. Celebrities from Kate Hudson to Gwen Stefani wear her line and she gives back to charity along the way. Oh, and she's also a rock and roll wife married to former Guns N' Roses member Duff McKagan.

Ology got the chance to talk with Susan about all of the amazing work she's currently doing. And the modeling she continues to take part in? Well, they don't call her 'The Body' for nothing!
OLOGY: You have so much going on. I'm so excited to interview you!
SUSAN HOLMES: Likewise! Thanks.
Could you talk about what the swimwear industry is like out there now and your latest collection?
I've been working like a crazy woman for many years. Right now all of us swimwear designers--it's our crunch time. With regards to not only our new collection but also Sports Illustrated. Which in our industry, it's the Bible per say of the swimsuit buyers manual for the year. It's on newsstands for a year. It's a big one and kind of the benchmark for editors and buyers and costumers. This year we are seeing tons of red on the runway so that's a big happening. It's a statement color. There are many different shades of red from coral to a blue red to what we call an oxblood, which is a very dark brick, dark red. It's a very British-burberry type of red. Also, touches of neon...I did some cute feminine lace suits and neon was stunning on it.
I'm kind of in the niche of a rock and roll designer. Therefore, I do a lot of embellishment studding. People kind of gravitate toward my line. A lot of my hit selling suits that have appeared in and on the cover of Sports Illustrated are studded suits.
What's your inspiration when it comes to designing?
It's kind of a fusion of a lot of different things. I'm very blessed and fortunate from being a high fashion model for many years. I get to travel around the globe often whether it's South America or Cuba or Asia. I'm blessed because I get to see a lot of different cultures. And you know just different environmental landscapes...So it's very inspiring. I'm very lucky to take that into consideration when I'm inspired by different colors or styles but also of course the rock and roll element too. That's just kind of in my blood at this point with being a rock wife and being a general fan of music and rock and roll.
What do you think makes your line so unique?
They're made in the USA. And most swimwear is not made in America and I think now more than ever American's need to buy American. If you have a choice between A and B and you like both, buy American! When the holidays come around I try to buy American. My favorite website is by my friend Daryl Hannah...everything on the website is American made. I'm proud that I'm an American made swimwear company. And we donate a portion of our net proceeds to charities. We give a lot to various charities. Like the Surfrider foundation, which keeps our beaches and oceans cleaner, the Red Cross and the National Children Leukemia Foundation.
Daryl Hannah. The actress and activist? 
Yeah. She's really sweet. She always makes a point to stand out. We can all learn a lot from her making a difference. She wakes up in the morning and thinks of a way she can make the world a better place.
That's fantastic how you give back like that. Would you ever consider designing jewelry too?
Yeah, I guess I can see branching out and being a quote un-quote life style line. I remember after my first big Fashion Show in L.A. I was put on the phone with [People's Revolution founder] Kelly Cutrone. She's a whip cracker. She was like, 'you need to branch out and develop a resort or a lifestyle line: accessories, sunglasses, perfume.' And that's great but I have a lot of things I'm juggling at the moment. I think I would have to collaborate with someone because I myself couldn't do all the necessary work that would need to be done.
It must be exciting to see celebrities wearing your high-end swimwear. Who are some specifics?
Yeah, I'm very flattered! I didn't know I would sell one bathing suit let alone have great, beautiful celebs wearing them. So I'm very grateful. Let's see who can I name drop here? [Laughs] Kate Hudson, Elle Macpherson, Tyra Banks, Daryl Hannah, Anna Kournikova, Gwen Stefani. Fergie--I just sent her a bunch of stuff. She's actually a fan of the show too. I ran into her at her private birthday party and I'm going over to her like 'Oh my God Fergie!' and she's like 'Oh my God I love Married to Rock! You're so cute on there!' We exchanged info and she asked for me to send her some suits. It was really funny and sweet. Who else? Heidi Klum. I should have this memorized, but there are a slew of them.
How do you find out who's wearing what?
It's all networking. I've had people like Denise Richards go into a shop like Planet Blue in Malibu and buy one of my suits. But then, I know Tyra. We're friends from modeling so when I was creative director for a day and a judge on America's Next Top Model I just brought her some suits as a gift for having me on the show. So it can be personal or it can be a lot of time through stylists or magazines or plain old shopping.
Is there any celebrity you'd like to style or like their style in general?
Hmm. I mean Stella McCartney I adore. I like her because she's also vegan. She cares about the environment and the animals and she gives back. She's classy and cool. I love Lauren Scott. She has the whole elegant rock and roll glamour. But celebs, let's see. I love Kate Hudson. I'm looking forward to her new jewelry line coming out with my friends from Chrome Hearts. I know they're collaborating on a gorgeous jewelry line...I love Sofia Vergara. She has a woman's body--boobs, a small waist and butt. She's just so womanly. And she knows how to dress and look chic and fantastic.
Have you kept in contact with a lot of friends who are models besides Tyra?
She's beyond busy as am I. We have a mutual respect for one another and we don't talk everyday but we're acquaintances. I'll see her on the red carpet at the Grammy's and we'll chat or she'll have me on her show or I'll send her a letter with some suits. We grab a moment where we can. As far as famous supermodels, the ones I see the most are Cindy Crawford and Niki Taylor.
All of these wonderful accomplishments of course stem from your international modeling career. I mean you earned the title 'The Body!' Is designing now your main focus?
I model occasionally on direct bookings. I wear a lot of hats like most modern day women. Here we are approaching 2012 and I have my mom hat on, I'm a wife, I'm an animal lover, I'm a designer, I'm a model. I just feel blessed that anyone asks me to model for them.
Let's talk about Married to Rock. What was that like?
I personally had a lot of fun. I've been in front of the camera modeling since high school and doing live runway shows around the world and doing a lot of TV stuff for FOX News for various styling segments. So I really enjoy being in front of the camera. I'm used to it and Duff is too. It's definitely a show a bit more on the girly side...I didn't know what to expect and I didn't know if I could trust the editing or how I would be portrayed. You always want to tread with caution.
Are you currently filming a second season? Would you want to?
Season one is still airing worldwide. It's aired in over 57 countries. It's still on the table but we don't know as of yet. But yeah, I think it would be great to have another season because I was very cautious with season one. I came from the Vogue modeling world of high fashion and sometimes a lot of these shows, especially when they intertwine rock and roll, they want to portray the cheesy side of it. I wanted to try and avoid that as much as possible so I treaded with a lot of caution.
That's definitely understandable. Now let's talk about your book! It sounds really interesting.
I'm working on two. One is more of a labor of love book on all my rock star couple friends and their wisdom and insight into the funny yet glamorous all romantic world of rock and roll. I've interviewed everyone from Aerosmith, Green Day, Van Halen, Weezer--the couples in the bands, how they met, and how they make it work. I interviewed all of them. It's going to go to a good charity. It's more like a labor of love yearbook with all our rock friends. I can see it being sold at Barneys or Urban Outfitters. Each couple submits their own pictures, their wedding photos and current photos.
So when you say Aerosmith, what couple are you talking about?
I was friends with Steven [Tyler] and Teresa [Barrick] but mid-book they separated so that went out the window. But Joe Perry and Billie Perry--they've been together for over 24 years. They're a beautiful couple. They have a lot of insight and they are private. I don't think they've ever done an interview like this before.
When is it coming out?
I don't know because that one's going on the back burner. I've been working on this other book, a novel. Its been taking all my effort because I've never done a novel before. It's intertwining my real life experiences with stories I might have read or touched upon in the modeling world and rock and roll world. So think Devil Wears Prada to Get Him to the Greek...It will be a fun interesting book and I think you'll have fun trying to decide who's who in the book. There's a Guns N' Roses story and a Top Model story in there.
You clearly have so many passions. Could you spare three more? What are your three Ologies?
Well definitely family. I always put family first. Creativity with me writing a book and designing a swimsuit line. I always at the end of the day, I always have to have a creative outlet, whether it's writing a book or my swimsuit line or baking pie. [Laughs] It keeps me going. And fashion.
Susan has so much going on, it's hard to keep up!
Susan and Duff will be headed to Fox 5 in San Diego on Oct. 26 for The Morning Show. Duff will follow up with a signing appearance for his new memoir "It's So Easy: And Other Lies" at Warwick's. The couple live part-time in both California and Seattle and have two daughters together, Grace, 14, and Mae, 11.


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Going Trendy For The Summer.

More trends in fashion emerges by the day. Knowing the little add ups to appearing the in the best way possible is very essential. Here are my tips for going trendy this summer.

1. Prints: Coming through from the previous summer, prints are crawling back to our lives. This time however, prints are not restricted to animal prints alone. This season, Leopard prints are back for an edgier look, floral prints for a feminine and flirty look and Aztec prints for a more colourful look. With the diverse prints on clothing, shoes and bags, you could say prints are the new black.
A print shorts for men.

A brightly coloured print trouser for women.

2. Wear Crop Tops: Another very stylish but also essential trend this season, crop tops have emerged on the fashion scene. Usually worn for a less formal look, crop tops can be paired with trousers, skirts and shorts. However, this trend may not suit everyone due to the exposure of the midriff. Don't fret! If you insist on wearing a crop top but aren't comfortable with the abs it can be paired with a high wasted trouser or skirt.

3. Bright coloured trousers and blazers: Colour blocking was a trend that seemed a bit ridiculous at first but has become achievable by pairing the right colours. However colour blocking is not about about mixing colours randomly, there still needs to be some uniformity in the 'chaos'. Think red tops, blue trousers and purple blazers, sure to turn a gloomy day bright.

4. Bright nails for ladies: Following on with the trend of dramatic colours, nail polish colours are ever expanding from neon yellow to cracked pink. The good thing about this trend is that it can be done on your own. O.P.I and Barry M are probably the best bets when picking up a brand. With an addition of prints for an extra oomph, nails are becoming a fashion accessory on their own.

5. Moccasins and Loafers: Tasseled and non-tasseled, loafers and moccasins are hot for this season. A different, relaxed alternative to heels, loafers and moccasins range in colours from black to neon pink and can be worn with a pair of jeans and a top for casual day out with friends. Toms low-touch shoes is a wonder-talk in this regard. It matches so OK.

A cross-selection of Toms shoes.

 6. Wayfarer sunglasses: A revolutionary break from normal eye wear, wayfarers are here to stay. Useful for sunny day whilst giving off a cool edge, wayfarers are a fashion accessory for all, both men and women. Take leaf with the Ray Ban wayfarer glasses.
A typical Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses.

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My Top 5 Celebrity Parfums That Scent Nice.

Brit clearly likes her fragrances fruity. This one has wild berries as a top note, but the addition of floral like orange flower, jasmine, tuberose and iris add a crisp sparkle and tempers any extra sweet intensity, while musk rounds everything out for a fruity-fresh-sexy vibe.

 There's definitely something unique about Fergie's fragrance; She just might be the only celeb-perfumer to include notes of leather and smoky vetiver, giving her scent a rich, earthy depth that pairs nicely with its crisp floral and berry top notes.

Fergie, holding out her perfume.

 Reese's light and refreshing floral scent manages to evoke the feel of a summer garden without drowning you in sickly sweet, overpowering floral. Georgia Peach tea leaves, and crisp green notes help keep the fragrance fresh and grounded.

Reese, posing with her perfume.


 Kat Von D seems to have found winning recipe with her third perfume for Sephora: The scent has a sugary, floral warmth, but the layers or thyme, cassis, patchouli, and sheer musk keep it from smell at all candy-coated. 

 Call me crazy, but three words come to mind when I catch a whiff of this spicier version of Heat: Sexy cotton candy. The gourmand mix of sweet-but-not-too-sweet vanilla, tonka bean and Red vanilla orchid paired with sensual amber and cedarwood makes for a yummy, warm, enveloping scent.

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Kanye West Rants Against Critics of His Fashion Line.

Kanye West held no punches in a rant against his critics last weekend, following the debut of his Women's Fashion line in Paris.

The Chi-town rapper premiered his new endeavor, dubbed Dw (after his late mother Donda West) this past weekend during Paris' Fashion Week, and many critics have already slammed it. The Wall Street Journal among other publications described Mr. West's collection as a disappointment, even calling the show "painful" at times.

According toWomen's Wear Daily,Mr. West made a speech during the star-studded after party following his show, at Club Silencio and addressed the skeptics.

"Thank you for anybody that didn't believe, because they motivated us to break our boundaries," he said. "We don't know what the reviews will be, we don't know what they will say, but I got a chance to go to Italy and feel those fabrics. I begged Louis Vuitton to let me do more shoes after my shoes sold out in two weeks, and they did not. I begged Nike, I begged this company to let me do it. And I took out motherfucking loans to get the best models, to get the best designers, to get the best venue. I gave you everything that I had."

"This is my first collection," he continued. "Please be easy. Please give me a chance to grow. This is not some celebrity **** I don't **** with celebrities. I **** with the creatives in this room, the amazing people who spend every day of their life trying to make the world a more beautiful place. The amount of people that tried to get me a celebrity ******* deal. They said, 'You need to do boot-cut jeans, or you won't sell.' Shut the **** up! Or Hedi Slimane in the motherfucking Mercer, sitting with me, saying, 'Stop giving them your ideas, Kanye. Do your own thing.' Hedi Slimane! To feel so frustrated.

Source: XXL Magazine.
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