Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Making Friends with the Rain in Style.

In truth, it may seem as if heavy downpours make it difficult to make a fashion statement these days; if you ask me I’ll say yes, but I believe with well-chosen pieces, you won’t look like a wet rag this wet season.

The Umbrella Is Your Friend.
We don’t need to wear lot to protect us from the rain. All we need to be cautious about is how to keep the mud, the rain, and cold winds away. What better way to do it than with the sturdy umbrella!

Cropped Jeans, boyfriend jeans or capris is a near-must!
In this torrid weather, you’ll never know when you have to tread the flood-ridden streets. Full length jeans tend to get heavy when wet, it’s better for you to avoid wearing them during the rain. You can, however, roll up your cuffs or opt for cropped jeans or capris. They’re fun, functional, and chic if worn with the right heels or ankle boots.

Leggings and hosiery for the ladies!
If you’re one of those girls who can’t seem to part with their cut-offs and denim skirts, fret not; there’s still hope for you. If you insist on wearing your skirts and dresses, then better keep your legs protected with leggings and hosiery. Showing off your legs during dry season is sexy, but showing off your legs coupled with your goose bumps (lol) during rainy season is a no!

Jackets, cardigans and hoodies.
Yeah! Who could survive the rainy days without at least one pair of those three? There are a lot of styles to choose from, but please, stay away from windbreakers. Opt for tailored jackets to give your look structure, cardigans to soften it, and hoodies to make it more casual and relaxed.

You may laugh at people who wear scarves around their necks like it snow, but think again. A scarf can be your only protection when a heavy shower starts pouring and you are sans umbrella. A scarf, aside from being a fashionable addition to your wardrobe, can also protect you when harsh winds start blowing. Love it or hate it, you  can’t deny that scarves are functional and fashionable at the same time.

Colour Blocking: Fact, Tips and Tricks.

As a new fashion trend sweeps across Nigeria, we
fashion junkies who are rocking the out-going trend seem to be indecisive whether or not to go along with this new tide.

Some people refer to it as colour riot, fashion abuse and others the "in thing"; I sincerely agree that it could be both depending on your style and

While embracing "daring" colours is something some of us are doing in this season from the orange bags to the green pants and purple blazers, others seem lost in this colour craziness.

There are certain rules that come along with each fashion trend just like the 80's had its long skirts and corsets to this present era, in colour blocking, there are no rules!!! The bolder you get, the more the trend comes to life.

The point of colour blocking is to be found in colours you never thought you can be seen in. Mix colours up with a little bit of your style, go wild!

Orange is always a good colour to colour block. In combining colours be sure to think "out of the
closet", you can rock colours like pink, purple, blue, yellow, mustard, orange, red, grey , white and the likes of them. If you are a shy person, make use of basic black and white neutral colours like beige.

To rock this trend well, consider the colours in
relation to your skin tone and personality make sure they are flattering.
The beauty of colour blocking is that it can be used to maximize your curves; you can use a neutral colour to minimize the parts you want to play down and a bold colour to accentuate the areas you want to emphasize on. Feel free to always rock this trend with your accessories.

Basic Do's in colour blocking
-wear this style with neutral accessories
-little or nude makeup would definitely suffice
-try adding a shade of black to even things up, a black
belt or a watch.
-please try not to overdo it with colour blocking.

Source: Nigeriatop.com

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Secret of a 43yr Old Woman Who looks like a Teenager.

Beautiful Ms Masako

Ms Masako has some tips to help women look
younger. Let me show you:
Tip 1 – Keep the body fit and thin by exercising
Tip 2 – Get enough sleep
Tip 3 – Don’t smoke
Tip 4 – Have a balanced diet and have 4 meals a day
in small portions.
Tip 5 – Drink lots of water and fluids as water wash
away toxins.
Tip 6 – Apply lighter make-up as one grows older.
Tip 7 – Apply Vitamin E-based cream or lotions on
the body to keep the skin soft.
Tip 8 – Apply sunscreen if staying out in the sun.
Tip 9 – Follow a cleaning, toning
and moisturizing regime before going to bed.

Meet Mizutani Masako, a 43-year-old woman who
looks like she’s in her 20s. According to online
sources, she spends alot of money on maintaining
her skin. She was born in 1968 and is 43-years-old.
She has two children. She spends five hours a day
taking care of her skin. She also has not had plastic
surgery and is all natural. She is a housewife and has
become the idol of middle-aged Japanese women.
Ms Masako is a model for a women’s magazine in
Japan. She also regularly posts tips on skin care
products, clothing and other accessories.

Men’s Hair care: Tips for grooming hair.

A man is marred when he appears filthy and unkept. He also loses face appeal. This gets worse when the man in question keeps hair on his head. A well groomed hair makes men look their charming best and of course, it tells a lot about one’s personality and appearance. If the hair is not properly kept, the result will be damaged hair. A good hair starts with a proper cut. Just as the body, a man’s hair needs proper maintenance in order to add to a great look.

The tips:
·         You have to avoid using hot water to wash your hair because it takes away essential oil in the hair and might lead to dryness.
How to wash the hair properly.
·         Please, avoid using chemicals like hair colouring or perming because it can cause a damaging effect on hair.
·         Get a good shampoo for your hair to cleanse it of dirt and unwanted particles that get into the hair as a result of outside activities.
·         Avoid using a brush on wet hair which might damage it; instead use a wide-toothed comb to gently work out any tangle.
·         Avoid using heated tools like blow dryers, as it could cause harm to the hair.
·         Use a good hair conditioner to moisturize, smoothen and add shine to the cuticles.
·         Go for a nice hair cut that will complement your style.
·         Eat well-balanced food; get enough rest and plenty of water to retain a healthy scalp and hair. This is very important, at least for a healthy living; it’s incontestable how water is important.
·         You can also apply cream or oil to hair for that desired shiny look.
Me, in my University days. I was so into the hair grooming game. Lol

Friday, 27 July 2012

Humorous, eh?

Got this from a friend and I must confess, it got me thinking.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Strictly For The Summer Vacation: Fresh Sunglasses By Gucci.

Fresh collections from Gucci.

Now, I Simply call this Glamorous! Lindsay Lohan in Blue.

The Stand-out Fashion Beaters At Davido's Album.

It went down live at the Eko hotels on Sunday, July 23rd; the much anticipated album launch and release of Nigerian pop sensation Davido. Album is titled; OBO(Omo Baba Olowo): the Genesis.

As was expected, the movers and shakers of the Nigeria music industry and other notable persons were present. And of course, expect everyone to be at their fashion best for the evening. Here are my stand-outs:

All pictures courtesy of Bellanaija.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Codolences: Ghanaian President John AttaMills Dies At Age 68.

Ghana's President John Atta Mills, who won
international praise as leader of a stable model
democracy in Africa, died suddenly on Tuesday
and will be succeeded by his vice-president in the
West African oil, gold and cocoa producer,
officials said.
Mills was 68. The unexpected death of the leader of
the world's No. 2 cocoa grower comes months
before he was due to stand for re-election in
Ghana, also a major African gold producer, started
pumping oil in 2010 and posted double-digit growth
in 2011, burnishing its image as an increasingly
attractive investment destination on the continent. It
was praised for its healthy democracy.
"It is with a heavy heart ... that we announce the
sudden and untimely death of the president of the
Republic of Ghana," a statement sent to Reuters by
the president's office said.
Vice President John Dramani Mahama would be
sworn in to replace Mills under Ghana's constitution,
officials said.
The president's office said that Mills, who celebrated
his 68th birthday on Saturday, died a few hours after
being taken ill, but no further details were given.
A presidential aide, who asked not to be named, said
the president had complained of pains on Monday
evening and died early on Tuesday afternoon when
his condition worsened.
Mills had returned from medical checks in the United
States a few weeks ago.
Ghana's election commission said December's
presidential and parliamentary elections would go
ahead as planned.
"The election calendar remains unchanged - it's
purely a party matter," election chief Kwadwo Afari-
Gyan told Reuters, explaining that it was up to the
ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) to find a
candidate to replace Mills.
Trained as a lawyer and taxation expert, Mills had
overseen Ghana's emergence as one of Africa's
newest oil producers two years ago, winning plaudits
both at home and abroad for his sound economic
policies and commitment to democracy and good
In March, U.S. President Barack Obama received the
Ghanaian president in the Oval Office and praised
him and his country as "a good-news story" in Africa.
Previous rumors about Mills's possible ill health had
swirled in the last few weeks and he traveled last
month to the United States for medical treatment.
On that occasion, he had joked with reporters on his
departure from the capital Accra about rumors of his
death, asking them: "Are you seeing a person who
has died?"
Mills, who won a close-fought, two-round election in
2008 by beating off rival Nana Akufo-Addo of the
then-ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), was preparing
to bid for a second term in polls set for December,
once again against arch-foe Akufo-Addo.
Mills and his National Democratic Congress (NDC)
party have had to manage high expectations among
ordinary Ghanaians awaiting benefits from the
country's oil production.
But he had always made a point of stressing the need
for political stability in an often turbulent region -
coups in Mali and Guinea-Bissau this year have
blotted the continent's advances in democracy and
"We are going to ensure that there is peace before,
during, after the (December) election, because when
there is no peace, it's not the elitists who will suffer,
it's the ordinary people who have elected us into
office," Mills told Obama in March.
Neighbor Ivory Coast has not been so peaceful,
suffering months of violence last year after a
disputed election. Near-neighbors Liberia and Sierra
Leone suffered years of war.
Ghana has seen democratic elections decide its
leadership no fewer than four times since the last
military coup in 1981, a rare feat in a region where
power is still just as often determined by the bullet as
by the ballot.
Mills had served as vice-president to President Jerry
Rawlings, a fiery former coup leader, who stood
down in 2000 after two elected terms under the
democratic constitution Rawlings himself had
Mills's 2008 victory was his third attempt at the
presidency. He had lost twice to John Kufuor in
elections in 2000 and 2004.
Our condolonces go out to Ghana and all his loved
ones. May he rest in Peace.

Credit: Mytruspot.com

Wishing All Ghanaians My Heartfelt Condolence Over the loss of President John Atta.

Ghana's President John Atta
Mills has died unexpectedly, a presidential statement
said, and an aide said his death occurred on Tuesday
after he took ill on Monday night.
The death of the president of the world's No. 2 cocoa
grower comes months before Mills was due to stand
for re-election at the helm of the West African country
that posted double-digit growth in 2011 and has been
praised for its strong democracy in a turbulent region.
"It is with a heavy heart...that we announce the sudden
and untimely death of the president of the Republic of
Ghana," a statement sent to Reuters by the president's
office said.
It said that Mills, 68, died a few hours after being taken
ill but no further details were given.
A presidential aide, who asked not to be named, said
the president had complained of pains on Monday
evening and died early on Tuesday afternoon when his
condition worsened.
Mills, who oversaw the start of oil production in
Ghana, returned from medical checks in the United
States several weeks ago. (Reporting by Kwassi Kpodo;
Writing by David Lewis; Editing by Michael Roddy)

Monday, 23 July 2012

Rihanna Goes Nude again?

This picture was culled from Rihanna's twitter handle. It currently stands as her profile picture on twitter. I sincerely find it amusing; wondering what she had the picture for. Was she doing a photoshoot of some sort or what?

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Lovely Shoulders to Every Woman.

This is another guest blog post by Geraldine Akutu.

Ladies’ shoulders are alluring and sensual to look at, especially if they are well kept. However, there is need to be careful abut how they are flaunted, so that you do not appear too patronizing.
Here are some shoulder care tips for your consideration:
·         Wash your shoulder with soap, rinse and wipe with clean cloth or towel.
·         Massage them morning and night with body cream or lotion.
·         Use body scrub to remove dead skin cells and apply vitamin E oil to make them smooth, as well remove dark spots.
·         Always keep your back erect, especially while sitting to put the shoulders in good shape.
·         Apply coconut oil to give the shoulders a shiny look.
·         Massage both front and back areas of the shoulders to relax and tone the muscles.
·         Eat enough vegetables for fresh and healthy look.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Keeping Up With An Oily Face.

The face is a vital part of one’s look; it’s the first part of the body that draws attention and speaks volumes of your appearance. Ladies with oily face and skin have a common skin condition such as blackheads and acne, which often make them lose sleep on how to make their faces beautiful. Oily face attracts more dirt, so a regular skin care routine should be maintained to reduce the excess of oil in the body or stop it from coming to the face.
Though, oily skin could be as a result of stress, diet and heredity, there are useful tips that can guide you to control oily face and make your face look good. Now, take the following tips to heart;
·         Wash your face regularly, morning and evening, to get off excess oil from the skin.
·         Avoid intake of foods with high fats such as fried stuff and chocolate.
·         Make sure you wear oil free make-ups, because applying oily make-up can cause more problems to your face.
·         Avoid harsh facial cleansers and scrubs.
·         Moisturize your face with oil free products.
·         Keep blotting papers in your bag or purse and use it in your bag or purse and use it to touch up your face from time to time.
·         You can also apply powder on your face to absorb oil.
I hope the tips provided here have been of help? Keep your comments coming?

"Enjoying" a Rainy Feet.

The rains are here again and fashion creators have upped their creativity by providing new trends to go with the season. And trust ladies, who would stop at nothing to look good.
To flaunt their beauties, despite the mud and wet grounds, ladies have resorted to using colourful waterproof head ties and plastic/rubber foot wears.
Though these wears are not new, this season witnessed the introduction of pretty rubber shoes, sandals that could be used as alternatives to leather foot wears. Coming in different designs and shapes, these foot wears are flexible, comfortable and fit any dress.
Aside from being cheap and colourful, they add style to ones look and can be worn during the dry season.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A Bikini or Cut-down dress? Fashion has truly gone rogue.

Please pardon the blurred picture. I got it from a friend's phone.

I sincerely want your opinion on this!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bead Can Only Come Flashier, Nothing Less!

Bead, a common embellishing ornament among Africans, especially those within the sub-Sahara, remains an evergreen fashion piece. Put into different colours, sizes and shapes such as oval, circular, triangular and square, designers have used the bead to make necklaces and wristbands, as well as garnishing the hem of cloths.
Beads can be worn on strapless, neckline a LBD, LWD, LRD tops, corporate attires, Ankara or lace. They can also be worn to any occasion – formal or social.
Bead bangles, which come in various sizes and colours too, are fast overtaking the gold bangles and bracelets. 
However, when wearing multi-coloured beads, remember to choose colours that match your shoes, handbags or purse. But if you decide to go on a single coloured bead, then you are at will to experiment with any accessory, irrespective of colour. They do not only put the lady in a class of her own, but add royalty and confidence to her look.
As we enter the rainy season when chains and other metal accessories become irritating, feel free to bead yourself and make all eyes turn in your direction.


How to cope with Itchy scalps.

A common problem among adults, itchy scalp relates to inflammatory reaction of the skin underneath the hair on a person’s head. Causes of itchy scalp range from dandruff to dirty hair and over exposure of the hair to sun.  They also include bacteria infections, harsh shampoo or styling products, hair dye and sometimes, stress. 

A common problem among adults, itchy scalp relates to inflammatory reaction of the skin underneath the hair on a person’s head. Causes of itchy scalp range from dandruff to dirty hair and over exposure of the hair to sun.  They also include bacteria infections, harsh shampoo or styling products, hair dye and sometimes, stress.

Tips to help reduce or stop the itching: always check the shampoo, conditioner or other hair product you are using, if your scalp gets irritated or itches as a result of these product then change it. Avoid applying bar soap on hair because it damages and strips it of essential oil causing dryness and itching.
Wash your hair frequently to prevent dirt and dry skin cells from settling on your scalp. Try using shampoos especially designed for itchy scalp. Avoid using hair colour such as dye as the chemicals in the hair product might cause itching in your scalp. Avoid overexposing your hair to the sun, instead wear a hat to protect your hair and scalp from harmful UV rays.
You can treat it naturally by applying mayonnaise, aloe Vera or olive oil into the hair overnight to moisturize it.
Take water to keep your body and scalp hydrated.
Include vitamins and iron enriched foods, fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Making a fashion statement with your leggings.

This is a Guest blog post by Geraldine Akutu.

Leggings are one of the fashion staples of every season. They are very popular among women, teens and girls. They are very comfortable and can be worn in a variety of settings, from school to the office, and casual at the weekends. Whether hot, cold or somewhere in-between, leggings always look flattering and appropriate when they aren’t worn as pants, but as an alternative to tights.

Women can wear leggings to the office, but have to do so carefully. It is important to determine the level of formality in your office. Leggings probably won’t go over well at a very formal office- where employees usually wear suits. However, at more casual offices, especially those where jeans are allowed, leggings can be a very comfortable alternative if they are dressed up a little bit.

Leggings can be dresses up at weekends when going out for a nice dinner or to a club. Experiment with different textures and embellishments on leggings, such as faux-leather leggings, shiny material, zippers, buttons, lace, studs and other fun details.

How to wear your leggings:
·         Pair leggings with a short a fun mini-dress, tunic or long top. Add accessories such as a belt or bold bracelet. Be sure to finish off the leggings with a fun pair of shoes such as pumps, platforms, wedges, flats, gladiator sandals or booties or a pair of ankle or knee-high boots.
·         Pair leggings with a short-knit dress, long sweater, tunic, or long shirt. Add accessories like a scarf, belt or long layers of necklaces.
·         Don’t wear anything with leggings that you wouldn’t wear with tights.
·         Take an honest look in the mirror from all angles when putting together a new outfit with leggings. Is it flattering? Is everything that should be covered appropriately covered? Your outfit may feel comfortable, but do you feel comfortable with the way you look? If not, consider substituting your top for one that is a little longer or looser.

I hope this piece helps.

Hair accessories that add to your uniqueness.

Using the right hair accessory adds beauty and draw attention to the hair. It gives the wearer the confidence to move around and flaunt her style. One of such accessories is the jeweled headband, which apart from holding the hair together, garnish it with sparkles. This suggests why ladies prefer it for cocktail parties, weddings or any social gatherings.

Headbands are worn by ladies of all age groups and status. It grips the hair, gives it the desired shape and prevents it from being scattered, even in a windy day.
Aside from sitting well with any hair type, long, short, thick, curly or straight, the headband leaves any lady with a girly look.

Tips for choosing your mascara.

Ladies, no matter their status, find it difficult to do away with mascara. In fact, it has become a must-use for the darkening and thickening of the eyelashes.
Found in variety of colours, these beauty products are designed for different lifestyles and skin tone. To get the best out of any mascara, it’s always appropriate to go for the type that suits your personality and make you comfortable.

Here are the tips:
·         Before wearing any mascara, think of the event you are going to and dress according to it.
·         Also, think of the effect you want to create; if you want to look bold, go for black mascara, but for a natural look try a clear one.
·         For a playful look, ladies can pick shades that compliment their style, but should remember never to wear it to the office.
·         For easy blend, use mascara that matches your hair colour.

Yeah! We so Proudly African.

For the many dudes and dames who want to try something African; adire, batik, kente, bogolan and others would make the best choice. For the exotic look you seek, African prints are now in high demand in Europe and America, with designers in these continents using them to make nice skirts, trousers, shirts, dresses, shorts, blouses and others according to clearly-spelt fashioned tastes.
Picture taken at the recent Future Awards, Nigeria.
Cool and colourful, these clothes come in different designs and could be used to embellish materials from other continents to give them that classy look.
Common in most west African countries, attires made with these local prints can be worn to weddings, anniversaries, religious occasions, official functions or even as casuals.

Qatari Family Acquires Foremost Italian Label Valentino.

News making the rave in world fashion is on the subject of this post. The luxury label loved by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Audrey Hepburn said on Thursday that Mayhoola for Investments S.P.C, an investment vehicle backed by a leading Qatari, had bought it from UK-based private equity fund Permira and minority investors the Marzotto textile entrepreneurs. London-based Permira took control of Valentino Fashion Group, which at the time included Valentino and Hugo Boss, at a market peak in 2007 for 5.3 billion euros in one of the largest deals in Europe that year.($1 = 0.8164 euros)

Valentino did not disclose financial details of the sale or name the investor.
But two sources close to the deal told Reuters the royals of the tiny Gulf state of Qatar, among the world's most active investors, had acquired Valentino for 700 million euros, or 31.5 times its 2011 EBITDA.
That's well above LVMH's purchase of jewelry maker Bulgari last year at 28.2 times its EBITDA and is a huge premium against current average valuations for European luxury brands which stand at 10-11 times 2012 forecast EBITDA.

Analysts said the Qatari royal family, which also owns London's Harrods department store, appeared to be building a home grown luxury brand with this latest purchase.
"It's the kind of thing that fits in well with Qatar: iconic, quality brands, with a long-term value and an appealing customer base," said Rachel Zeimba, a senior analyst at Roubini Global Economics.
Founded in 1960 by designer Valentino Garavani, the Italian brand acquired global fame thanks to its trademark bright-red chiffon dresses, loved by princesses and Hollywood stars alike.
It was hit hard by the recent financial crisis and had to restructure its debts in December 2009, struggling to keep up with competition from glamorous new brands like Dolce e Gabbana.
However, a recent surge of interest in the high-end luxury sector from super-rich clients who are not feeling the economic pinch has helped its fortunes. Valentino's EBITDA grew 300 percent in 2011 and is expected to grow significantly in 2012.

Valentino is the latest Italian luxury brand to be bought by a foreign investor, a sign of the resilience of the strongest names even as Italy sinks into a deep economic recession.
In December 2010, high-end Chinese menswear retailer Trinity Ltd bought Italian tailor Cerruti for $70 million.

In 2011, Dubai retailer Paris Group bought near-bankrupt fashion house Gianfranco Ferre.
Analysts expect the luxury sector to continue to attract investors with deep pockets even in the tough climate, particularly as there are few new listings to tempt them.
"We can expect to see many more individual investors looking at European luxury. The IPO market is tough and emerging market players from China and the Middle East are the main players now," said a Paris-based luxury goods analyst.

The Qataris also own assets ranging from stakes in German sports car maker Porsche to shares in British bank Barclays. Analysts say their latest luxury purchases were spearheaded by the chic wife of the Qatari Emir, Sheikha Mozah, who is known for loving Valentino dresses.
She owns the Qatar Luxury Group, which has a stake in French leather goods maker Le Tanneur & Cie.
Through the deal, the Qataris also acquire control of the casualwear licensed M Missoni line. Marlboro Classic, another sporty brand, will remain under Red & Black, the Permira-controlled vehicle which also owns a main stake in Germany's Hugo Boss.

It’s official, Valentino has finally been sold.

It was swirling around in the news for a long time to come but the day has finally come and passed when the house of Valentino would sell to a large group. However in this case the historic company was sold to the Qatar Foundation where the house will sit alongside M Missoni which was picked up by the foundation last year.
Rumors had been swirling around for days, but on July 12 it was confirmed that Italian luxury label Valentino has been sold to the royal family of Qatar for an estimated $858 million.
Mayhoola, an investment group controlled by Qatar’s royal family, explained its vision for the fashion house — which was founded in 1959 by namesake Valentino Garavani and is famed for its ultra feminine frocks.
“Valentino has always been a brand of unique creativity and undisputed prestige,” said a Mayhoola spokesperson in a release.
“Our vision is to back management for the long term to exploit the full potential of this exciting brand. We believe Valentino is ideally suited to form the basis for a global luxury goods powerhouse.”
Meanwhile, Valentino chief executive officer Stefano Sassi added the new investors will help the brand “reach its full potential.”
Many people have mixed feelings about the purchase. They are sad that the company is leaving Milan but happy for the designer and the Valentino label and its future endeavours. The trepidations feeling of change looms in the air and is hopefully as smooth as can be for the house.
The recent haute couture show was darker than normal while maintaining its light femininity and grace. More sheer fabrics were used and to offset the airy feeling was the weight of navy velvets and black silks.


Thursday, 12 July 2012

Most women would give the world to have silky, smooth arms.

The human arms, like the face, are parts of the body commonly noticed by others. Most ladies flaunt this succulent part of their body; and even go the extra mile to have different drawings tattoed on them.
Owing to the attention the arms attract, it is important that they are properly cared for, especially when wearing armless outfits.
For smooth and silky arms, follow these tips:
·         Go for a body scrub to exfoliate the skin by removing dry cells on the arms.
·         Regularly take your bath with soap to remove dirt and keep you refreshed.
·         Apply olive oil on your

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

They won't twist you testicles, Russell! Comedian steps out in baggy trousers as TV doctor warns tight jeans are bad for your privates.

Guest blog post By ALEX WARD

He's known for his love of skin tight denim. But Russell Brand was spotted hanging loose in a very baggy get-up as he stepped out with a lady friend.
In what could only be described as a white pair of harem pants teamed with leg warmers, Russell paraded his eccentric sartorial style while out for a coffee in West Hollywood.
Perhaps the comedian and actor was taking preventative action against revelations that skinny jeans could be bad for your health if you're a man.

Experts revealed today that the number of men suffering painful testicular problems is on the rise because of tight jeans.
Doctors, including top TV doctor Hilary Jones, have reported an increase in injuries being caused by the jeans, which are favoured by celebrities like Russell Brand, Jude Law and Joey Essex.
The trendy denims are causing twisted testicles, bladder weakness and even urinary tract infections.

Low sperm count and fungal infections are also being put down to the tight-fitting jeans.
Dr Jones, who is working with TENA on a project to highlight the dangers, said: ‘I have seen several cases of men who have twisted their testicles due to wearing jeans that are far too tight.

‘Men who wear tight or ill-fitting trousers or underwear which is restrictive around the groin area could be damaging their health.


  • Twisted testicles
  • Bladder weakness
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Low sperm count
  • Fungal infection
‘Wearing tight-fitting clothing over a prolonged period of time can lead to urinary tract infections leading to over-activity of the bladder - a type of bladder weakness as well as a low sperm count and fungal infections.
‘Please don’t put style before health.’
Twisted testicles occur when tight trousers prevent the spermatic cord from moving freely, meaning it twists and leads to testicular torsion which cuts off the blood supply requiring immediate surgery to prevent a gangrenous testicle.
Tight-fitting jeans around the groin area can put additional pressure on the bladder but can also lead to bacteria breeding and re-entering the body causing urinary tract infections.
This increases the need to urinate more frequently and can cause severe pain.


In study of 2,000 British men:
  • One in four regularly squeeze into jeans to 'look good'
  • Three in 10 suffered discomfort from tight jeans
  • One in four admit they sometimes sacrifice comfort over style
  • One in three don't know their correct jean size
  • One in 10 experience unpleasant side-effect from wearing tight jeans
  • Of those suffering: half experienced groin discomfort, over a quarter had bladder troubles and one in five suffered a twisted testicle
Dr Hilary’s warning comes as a study of 2,000 British men conducted by TENA Men revealed one in 10 men have experienced an unpleasant side-effect as a result of wearing skinny jeans.
Of those men suffering from wearing skinny jeans, half had experienced groin discomfort, over a quarter had bladder troubles while one in five suffered a twisted testicle.
Worryingly, one in four regularly squeeze into jeans- with the biggest reasons given for enduring tightness being ‘to show I can still fit in them’ and ‘because they look good.’
In fact, three in 10 has suffered discomfort from tight jeans and forty per cent of men admit they sometimes sacrifice comfort over style.
One in seven British men regularly wear skinny jeans, but more than a third confess they don’t actually know their correct jean size.
And when it comes to picking jeans, just seven per cent described softness and comfort as an important factor.
Zoe Brimfield, TENA Men Brand Manager said: ‘With this survey we were keen to highlight that while men may like the look of tight-fitting jeans, it’s important that they are not compromising their health.
‘Wearing skinny or ill-fitting jeans can lead to bladder weakness as a longer-term consequence. Male bladder weakness is more common than people think, with 1 in 9 men in the UK currently experiencing some form of the condition.’
* For further help and advice on male bladder weakness visit tenamen.co.uk or seek medical advice.


Sales executive James Coleman, 27, of Ealing, west London has suffered bladder issues from wearing tight jeans.
He said: ‘I bought my pair of skinny jeans because they were fashionable, I’d recently moved to London where every street feels like a catwalk so I wanted to look good.
‘My friends used to joke I looked like something out of the Wanted or One Direction but I didn’t take notice.
‘At first I didn’t really have a problem and felt good wearing them but a couple of colleagues did comment on the fact they were skin tight and made my legs look ridiculously long.

‘At first I didn’t really have a problem and felt good wearing them but a couple of colleagues did comment on the fact they were skin tight and made my legs look ridiculously long.
James Coleman noticed his tight jeans put pressure on his stomach and bladder making him go to the toilet more often
James Coleman noticed his tight jeans put pressure on his stomach and bladder making him go to the toilet more often
Sales executive James Coleman bought skinny jeans to 'look good' but found not only getting dressed was uncomfortable but that the jeans put pressure on his bladder, making him go to the toilet more frequently
‘I then noticed they felt uncomfortable to wear, especially when sat down and put pressure against my bladder and stomach.
‘I found myself going to the toilet more frequently than normal, which just became annoying.
‘I didn’t bother going to the doctors or anything because it’s not something you want to admit - and it never occurred to me that it may have been caused by my skinny jeans.
‘Since moving to London I cycle more and I decided to finally ditch the jeans after I split a seam on the tube after bending down to pick up my Oyster card.
‘And since reverting back to smarter, looser fitting jeans and trousers I’ve found the problem has gone away.’ 

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