Friday, 31 August 2012

New Blog Post: The Kinds of Hairbrush and the art of Brushing Your Hair.

Yes, dear friends, I've been on a somber road to 'workdom', which naturally explains why its been a while you read from me! For almost the entirety of this month of August, which gladly comes to an end today, it's been work... work... work for me. My normal daily routine, which despite its tightness still affords me some few moments that alows for cross-checking and note dropping on the topical issues that this blog has been known to dole out; this month has just not been so. It took a bit of an effort to get this up. I hope you enjoy it!

Now, brushing the hair makes it look good. I know this is not in anyway strange to your notice. Brushing the hair makes it attractive and pleasant to the eye. But then, using the appropriate hairbrush helps spread oil to other parts of the hair and makes it shiny.

Paddle brush is good for brushing long hair and helps to smoothen and straighten the hair without stress.

Cushion hairbrush works well on medium length hair, as it gives it the desired sleek.

Styling brushed are used to shape, smoothen and polish the hair.

Vent brush allows to flow into hair and dry it quickly because of the hole in the base.

Thermal brush works well with the heat of your blow dryer, as it comes in round and flat form.

Using brushes that suit your hair type make it easy to keep the hair in good shape.

I hope you did find this piece resourceful? Please feel free to drop your comments and questions in the box below.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Is it True what They say; That your Wardrobe reflects your mental state?

Some people love nothing more than to shop for and wear new clothes. But for on-and-off dieters, clothes can be a real source of misery. Their closets may be packed with wardrobes to suit their every size as they travel up and down the scale. Yet on any given day, few items may be wearable, much less appealing. For these women, clothing is a burden right up there with the continual struggle to lose weight.

A neatly placed wardrobe matching.

I've talked with ladies whose wide-ranging wardrobes have taken over almost all the closets in their house. A casual observer might assume these women have a lot of clothes because they enjoy them. Not so. Instead, frequently buying and storing clothes shows how out of control they feel, often experiencing anxiety, shame and frustration at their weight fluctuations.

Frequent and significant weight shifts are a common result of "get thin quick" approaches to weight loss. Each diet may cause temporary weight loss, but soon it's time for a different set of clothes. This perpetual up-and-down cycle is costly in terms of money, closet space and mental and physical health.
Smart dieters accept reality and change their lives one step at a time, through increased activity and
nutritious eating as a lifestyle, not a temporary fix.

By definition, a healthful lifestyle change takes time. While you're undertaking that process, here are some of the best ways to approach clothing and different-sized wardrobes.

- Get rid of clothes that are too big. Keeping them
gives you the message that you could easily get back
to that size, weakening your confidence in changing.

- Get rid of clothes that are too small, especially if you
could wear them only during a fleeting and unrealistically rigid dieting period. Such items only
clutter your closet and cause anxiety. Deep inside, we know it's ridiculous to expect that we can get to that
size and stay there. But keep the clothes that are just a bit tight right now and that you really like. You'll need them as you continue your long-term fitness changes.

- Get rid of clothes that fit but are unflattering. A key part of your lifestyle makeover is to feel good everyday. There's no room in your closet for clothes that give negative messages. Don't wear anything that does not reflect happy, fun and comfortable feelings.

- When you shop for new clothes, allow enough time in the fitting room to carefully decide how the clothes feel and look on you. Nothing should pinch. Tight clothes make you constantly focus on your body and
its discomfort. What good is that? As you try on each item, put the "no" clothes on one side of the fitting room and the "yes" or "maybe" clothes on the other side. Then retry the "yes" and "maybe" clothes, selecting only the items most flattering to your body. Trust your first impressions. Or if that's hard for you, bring along a friend who can be both truthful and tactful.

Source: SMH

Monday, 27 August 2012

Flashes From The FTV Model Awards Black Sea 2012, Mamaia, Romania.

Some images from the recent FTV Model Awards Black Sea 2012, Mamaia, Romania.

Images Courtesy of FTV on Facebook

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Colour Blocking: Fact, Tips and Tricks.


As a new fashion trend sweeps across Nigeria, we
fashion junkies who are rocking the out-going trend seem to be
indecisive whether or not to go along with this new tide.

Some people refer to it as colour riot, fashion abuse and others the
"in thing"; I sincerely agree that it could be both depending on your
style and

While embracing "daring" colours is something some of us are doing in
this season from the orange bags to the green pants and purple
blazers, others seem lost in this colour craziness.

There are certain rules that come along with each fashion trend just
like the 80's had its long skirts and corsets to this present era, in
colour blocking, there are no rules!!! The bolder you get, the more
the trend comes to life.

The point of colour blocking is to be found in colours you never
thought you can be seen in. Mix colours up with a little bit of your
style, go wild!

Orange is always a good colour to colour block. In combining colours
be sure to think "out of the
closet", you can rock colours like pink, purple, blue, yellow,
mustard, orange, red, grey , white and the likes of them. If you are a
shy person, make use of basic black and white neutral colours like

To rock this trend well, consider the colours in
relation to your skin tone and personality make sure they are flattering.
The beauty of colour blocking is that it can be used to maximize your
curves; you can use a neutral colour to minimize the parts you want to
play down and a bold colour to accentuate the areas you want to
emphasize on. Feel free to always rock this trend with your

Basic Do's in colour blocking
-wear this style with neutral accessories
-little or nude makeup would definitely suffice
-try adding a shade of black to even things up, a black
belt or a watch.
-please try not to overdo it with colour blocking.

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