Friday, 1 February 2013

Celeb Wildcat: Kate Moss Goes nude for Love Magazine photoshoot.

From posing topless for Calvin Klein Jeans to the now-infamous ‘Interview’ cover with Naomi Campbell, taking off her clothes is certainly something that this British supermodel is not afraid of.

And now, the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of ‘Love’ magazine has been released with Moss looking hotter and more naked than ever. Pictured semi-nude in a bathtub alongside the heading “Kate Cleans Up,” Moss reveals herself in one of her most daring editorials yet.

Wearing a cutaway T-shirt printed with a rubber penis on the cover, the “clean” theme issue get’s ironically dirty inside, as photographer Tim Walker captures Moss in a series of nude poses and wearing little more than some stockings and a few flowers to cover her, er, flower pot.

Speaking in an interview, Walker reveals the shoot was inspired by a book called ‘The Magic Toyshop’ that explores the relationship of a young girl discovering her sexuality.

With this in mind, he takes us on a sexual journey, picturing Moss in a series of poses -- hanging naked upside down on the bed, strewn across a chaise longue with a red hat on, or simply stretching her peachy body decorated in petals -- alongside scrawled quotes from the book.

The editorial has taken on a bit of a hippie vibe, and Moss fits the boho theme perfectly in this seductive and sensual fashion shoot.

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