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Casual Dresses By a Nigerian Fashion Designer.

These Straight fitted dresses with frills n jacket are made by a Nigerian fashion designer identified and reachable via the email;


Hands On Experience with Rubber/Rubber-soled shoes: Just Why we Love them.

I sometimes wonder what the effect of each passing trend pose, and what, if there are any lessons to be drawn when the trend must have taken its bow in our faces. A lot of people are trend stimulants  being that, they embrace whatever trend that inventors put forward to them. For many in this category, the creativity in every product draws an attention that is equal or sequel to it it. Hence, to take  a product at face value comes with a price that is paid after the desire it initially generated has long been quenched.

My white rubber shoe i bought early 2012.

Rubber shoes have long been in existence, but no better time were they widely appreciated than in the past year. Almost everyone had it, albeit the very elderly ones and few people with biased mind towards anything or all things rubber. This perhaps is because, the actual formality and style at which shoes are made, are often as a result of the determinable factors (material of the soles) that are put together. As a result, a traditional dress shoe naturally feature a leather sole. As such, rubber soled shoes tend to be less formal, and are usually designed for comfort or mere specific needs.
A Zhoni leather shoe with a rubber sole
Why rubber-soled shoes?
Yes! Why rubber-soled shoes? I get this question every other day. And don't ask me again, I love rubber shoes, or shoes with rubber sole. As a truth, rubber-sole shoes give a far less formal appearance, and they are are built for performance-oriented purposes and for specific sports or casual occasions  Thus, rubber-sole can be said to be primarily designed for traction.

The Pros.
For starters, rubber shoes can actually cost more than leather or other equivalents. This may perhaps be because, the cost of raw rubber, the molding process, finishing and handling are all high costing resources, hence, the typical rubber shoe might up a leather shoe by at least N1,500-2,000.

As observed in the aforementioned, rubber soles have a high traction than most shoes. It has better appeals.

A vast majority of rubber-shoes are waterproof. They have the natural ability to resist water penetration. Leather shoes cannot do this. 

Rubber shoes are very comfortable for walking, and very easy to wear. This is chiefly because, the absorb the foot strike impacts better. For me, rubber shoes rock and does not necessarily require that you wear socks before you done them.

Rubber shoes don't make noise or constrict with the floor/ground when walking.

For all practical purposes, rubber  shoes/rubber soles seem to be the clear winner. And it leaves me musing if in truth, there any reasons/benefits for choosing leather over rubber? Clearly, there is none. So I believe!    

The Likely Cons?

With my appraisals thus far, you might wonder if ever I'll come to this, but then, nothing good is free from sin. But for its aesthetic appeal, both the shoe, the wearer and most pertinently, the foot, clumping around in rubber shoes is intransigent  Rubber shoes are seeming transmitters of heat, and they are superficially in defunct with the skin if worn consistently. Believe it or not, this is an adverse effect, but that is when you make wearing rubber shoes your spot priority.

A friend of mine was like, "sure, i like rubber shoes for bad weather, but for regular times, Omo mehn, na leather shoe ooo... a good leather shoe is more elegant, beautiful, striking and more authoritative.!" 

Adding to that, lots of rubber shoes and rubber-soled ones are mere works of art. They crack easily. Rubber will crack first before a decent quality leather sole will do. The rubber naturally lacks the fiber that keep material intact upon stress like leather would do at molecular level.

My Conclusion.
For the regular person who may have bone or feet related problems, rubber shoes and rubber soled shoes may be a better solution but that is not to say it acts upright in that regard.  Leather shoes on the one hand may be for the uptight reason of smart and collate dressing. One can not appear any smarter on leather shoes than he/she would on rubber shoes or rubber-soled shoes. At the end of the day, it buoys down to choice and perhaps, an individuals taste and dress inclinations.

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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Feature Fashion Designer: Presh Ankara Accessories

Name:            Presh Ankara Accessories
About:            Handmade unique ankara accessories
Contact          No 15 Elidorlu street Rumuokurushi   
                        Port-harcourt Rivers State.
Phone            08164460395
Pin:                2A8D10A1 

Every artist has a relationship with their tool, the particular equipment that they use, be it their voice to sing, or their pencil to draw. Mine is a deep love for fashion(ankara),it all started when I used to watch my mum go out dressed with cute ankara fabrics and I always wondered how I could make everything blend from her head to toe,with her help I came out with the idea of doing it all with ankara.
A gorgeous cascade from Presh Ankara accessories.
Presh ankara accessories is a world where my vision can begin to live. It is where my creativity comes into being in all its facets:earrings,rings,bangles,slippers,bags,hairbands,hair clips etc. It is a world where art meets fashion, where the characters in all the ideas that I love come out and play. I suppose it all comes from God. That much is evident in my works.
More Pictures 



Sad: Fashion designer Vittorio Missoni aboard plane missing off Venezuela.

Word buzzing around says, Italian fashion designer Vittorio Missoni is missing after a plane disappeared off the coast of Venezuela. Missoni, wife Maurizia, two friends and two Venezuelan crew 'missing' after Friday takeoff from resort of Les Roques.

Italian fashion designer Vittorio Missoni

Rescue crews used boats and aircraft on Saturday to search for a small plane that disappeared in Venezuela, while carrying the chief executive of Italy's iconic Missoni fashion house and five other people.

Twenty-four hours after the BN-2 Islander aircraft disappeared from radar screens on its short flight from the resort island of Los Roques, no sign of the plane had been found, officials said.

"We have no other news" said Paolo Marchetti, a Missoni SpA official, when asked about the plane that was carrying Vittorio Missoni, the head of the company; his wife, Maurizia Castiglioni; two of their Italian friends; and two Venezuelan crew members. Marchetti spoke briefly to reporters as he left company headquarters in the northern Italian town of Sumirago on Saturday afternoon.

Missoni's younger brother, Luca, who is active in the family-run business, was reportedly traveling to Venezuela on Saturday to monitor search efforts.


Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

God in his infinite mercy has kept us all to see 2013. May it be a year of accomplishments & divine blessings. Happy new year fashion familia!
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